Who We Are

We are a family owned vineyard in the Margaret River Appellation. After working away in mining in Australia, Africa, South America and Papua New Guinea, Brad and Sarah decided Margaret River was the place to settle and have a family. After purchasing the vineyard in 2007 and selling fruit for a few years, and experimenting with some wines, The Alchemists released their first vintage in 2010. The 2010 vintage included a Rose and SBS, a chardonnay, a merlot, Cabernet merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The SBS received a gold medal in the 2010 Perth Royal show and the Rose Silver. The Merlot won a trophy and gold at the Australian Boutique wines awards, 2012, the Cabernet Merlot gold at the Margaret River Show and the Cabernet silver at both the Melbourne and the Qantas wine awards.

In 2013 The Alchemists submitted these wines and to James Halliday for review. The Merlot received 96 points, the Cabernet Merlot 94 points and an Oaked SSB (2012) 95 points, leading to The Alchemists being named in the top ten best new wineries for 2014.

Seven vintages on, The Alchemists are continuing to make award winning wines, whilst raising the family in one of the world’s best wine regions.

So what is Alchemy?

Alchemy is the medieval beginnings of modern day chemistry that involved experiments in converting common metals into precious metals, finding a universal remedy for disease and developing the elixir of longevity. In short, it’s the magical process of transformation – whether it be turning lead into gold, or grapes into wine.

The Alchemists have harnessed the elements of nature to create a selection of precious wines. Traditional and modern winemaking methods are combined to gently manipulate the processes that occur naturally from grape to bottle. The results are supernatural wines full of regional flavour and varietal expression with balance, complexity and refined fruit flavours. Science or magic? Perhaps it’s a bit of both!